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Our Inspiration

My first clubs were a set of hand me down Maxfli blades (once owned by legendary Australian golfer Billy Dunk). I can still clearly recall the first time I flushed a 5-iron on the 5th hole at Wyong Golf Club. I was hooked for life!

In those days if you were hungry on the course, you’d grab a mars bar or pie from the pro shop after nine holes and keep playing on.

A quarter of a century later and the game is barely recognisable, with technology and teaching evolving at an exponential rate. But somehow, on-course food options are stuck in the last century, with the same highly processed junk-food options being offered to increasingly health conscious golfers. 

At the professional level, the golfers have strict diets prescribed by sports nutritionists, knowing that every positive decision they make on what to eat and drink can give them an advantage on the course.

We founded Caddie Snacks to give all golfers the chance to make the right decisions on the course. Our mission is to help people play and feel at our best. It all starts with the right fuel. Better food for more birdies.